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To ensure that every educator gets personal attention and maximum learning we have limited the class strength to only 50 educators. So we recommend you to block your seat at the earliest.

Fostering Digital Proficiency and Creativity Skills for learning outcomes

Classrooms of tomorrow – Virtual Labs & STEAM

Catalysing Assessment & Learning Through Technology

Safe & Secure Connected Schools.
We will shortly update our website with the details of the masters of technology who will be conducting these sessions.

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What is Tech Dive?

It is India’s only technology classroom for school leaders where decision-makers from Indian schools can get up to speed with the latest in technology-enabled learning solutions available in a focussed environment.

Why should I attend?

To take an informed decision about adopting tech-enabled learning in your school. Sessions will be conducted by domain experts who are absolute masters in their field and will provide educators with an in-depth understanding of benefits and challenges of implementing technologies and the paradigm shifts that they can bring in learning.

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